Welcome to the homepage of the RNA Club Zurich, which was originally founded in 2008 by André Gerber and Alexander Kanitz to promote the interaction and collaboration of local research groups and individuals with an interest in RNA biology and chemistry. The club is open to all researchers and students.

On this page you will find a News section highlighting upcoming events, such as seminars, conferences and other snippets of information that might be of interest to the community. Please visit our Calendar page for details about our monthly seminars. If you would like to know more about us and our research, please have a look at our participating Groups. For any inquiries or suggestions regarding this homepage or the RNA Club in general, please go to the Contact page.

RNA Club seminars

The RNA Club Zurich seminars are held on a monthly basis from April-December. The format of the meetings will be one main presentation (45min) followed by a short seminar (20min). We are constantly looking for new speakers. If you would like to nominate a speaker – including yourself - please send a short note to our contact email.